Have you shared your views on how Envibe leisure management software could be improved to make your job easier?

Jonas Leisure’s Customer Voice discussion portal lets Envibe users propose enhancements and vote on features suggested by users at other facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Nearly 100 of the feature suggestions proposed by users have been implemented since the Customer Voice portal launched in 2019.

Among those added in recent months include trigger messages to advise leisure centre members if their credit card is about to expire, and improvements to the courses functionality to allow class details to be amended without having to re-enrol all class participants.

“We set up Customer Voice to provide our users with an easy way to share their thoughts direct with our product development team,” says Jonas Leisure Customer Success Manager Dushayant Dhar.

“It’s a great way for Envibe users to contribute toward our development roadmap and we want more people to get involved – whether it’s proposing ideas that would make life easier for them or up-voting ideas suggested by other users.”

There are currently more than 120 features being voted on by users. These range from a proposal to add a dropdown list of Australian and New Zealand streets that can be selected when completing a customer’s address information, to the ability to auto-populate relevant contact details for members of the same family to save time when booking multiple family members into a class or swim school.

Mr Dhar said feature suggestions that received the most votes were given priority by the development team, taking into account other factors such as the resource and time required to successfully implement the feature. Any work needed to fix a bug in an existing feature was also given a high priority, he said.

The Customer Voice portal is open to all existing Envibe customers. If you are an Envibe user and wish to register, visit the Customer Voice registration page.