A development roadmap has been created to give Envibe customers visibility of new features being added to Australasia’s leading leisure management software.

The roadmap is part of Customer Voice – an online discussion portal created by Jonas Leisure to let customers have their say on which new features are added to Envibe in future.

“The roadmap is a way of showing our customers what’s on the horizon,” says Sheena Sadlier, Development Operations Coordinator at Jonas Leisure.

“Development requests made by customers are assessed, and those that are confirmed as possible go onto the dynamic roadmap and are graphically displayed alongside expected release dates.”

Among the features already on the roadmap are plans to integrate Envibe with EFTPOS NZ’s PC EFTPOS payments service and the ability for customers to buy and top up concession passes online. Other enhancements shown include a planned update enabling customers to view booking availability without going through the full booking process, and a range of useful improvements to Envibe’s online bookings functionality.

Ms Sadlier says decisions about which proposed features should be added to Envibe are driven by customer feedback, much of which is now coming via the new Customer Voice portal.

Envibe customers can use the portal to ask questions, make feature requests, vote on any requests made by others, and monitor the status of an idea or request that has been made. This keeps customers in the loop and allows Envibe developers to hear direct from users about which enhancements are most in demand.

Ms Sadlier says proposed features that receive the most votes are given priority by the development team, taking into account other factors such as the resource and time required to successfully implement the feature. Any work needed to fix a bug in an existing feature is also given a high level of priority.

“Customer Voice has only been open for a few weeks but already we have dozens of users on board,” she says.

“It’s a good way for customers to have more of a say in how Envibe continues to evolve.”

The Envibe Customer Voice Portal and development roadmap is open to all existing Envibe customers. If you are an Envibe user and wish to register, visit the Customer Voice  registration page.