People take smartphones and mobile devices with them almost everywhere, including gymand leisure centres, where they are used to track progress, follow programmes and connect with others through social media.  

Jonas Leisure’s new gym app for Envibe users brings all this together – and more – in one convenient place. Because Fitnexus is all about seamless connectivity. 

Read on for Fitnexus’ top five features.  

Social tools to break the ice 

Want your members to feel more connected to your facilityFitnexus is the ultimate icebreaker. With its simple and easy to use social tools, users can connect with likeminded individuals at any time. 

Members can pick from an array of preferences – ranging from Weight Training and Running Buddy to Business Networking – and browse through fellow members with similar interests 

Fitnexus users can view other club members’ profiles, which includes their interests, timeline activity and training progress. To connect with someone, simply send them an instant message or a wave. Trainers can directly contact members regarding their programmes, performance, or to offer help and advice. 

The social media newsfeed displays activity from club members, trainers and managersand allows them to comment, high-five or share posts – making your gym a much more social hub. 

Customisable fitness programmes 

Ditch the notepad, pen and printouts – all training programmes can be accessed anywhere at any time with Fitnexus via computer, tablet and smartphone. 

Fitnexus users can create their own customisable workout routines with easeby inputting exercises using Cardio, Strength, and Body Composition Measurements cards. There’s even an option to add media to exercises, for a visual aid. 

Although your members’ personal workout programmes are private, they can opt to collaborate with your trainers. And the library contains a range of programmes created by your facility, for all members. 

Fitnexus gym app

Track data to improve business and enhance the gym experience 

The Fitnexus gym app collects ongoing and live performance data from fitness programmes and wearable devices and appsIt is compatible with Fitbit, Jawbone, Runkeeper, Strava, Withings, MyZone, Apple HealthKit, and Google Fit. 

All this collected data is presented on graphs for members to measure progress and effectively track their fitness journeys. It is also collated into reports for club admins, which can be used for analysis and to attract new business. 

Further, users can compare stats such as distance run or calories burned against other gym or fitness club members via leaderboards. Because a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone – in fact, it’s a proven motivational tool. 

Booking and scheduling classes has never been easier 

The calendar allows members to simply click on a date and book from a list of available classes.  

They can also click on a class for more information. There, members can view its rating, the number of spots left, who’s attending, and read reviews and submit their own. 

Booking data gathered from the Fitnexus gym app seamlessly flows through to Envibe leisure management softwareAnd if your gym already has classes scheduled within Envibe’s booking calendar, they will automatically sync with the Fitnexus app upon installation. 

This saves your team from having to re-enter class booking information and allows facility managers and staff to view all bookings in one place. 

Club Notice Board 

Users will never miss a beat with the Club Notice Board feature. This is the place to post important and relevant news about your club, such as benefits, deals, offers, upcoming events or club closures. Push notifications can be used in conjunction to instantly inform club members via their phones. 

Refer a Friend is a sub-feature here, allowing existing members to share your club with a status update or message via email, texting, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.