Australasia’s leading leisure management software just got more powerful, thanks to the addition of new features designed to make life easier for staff working at leisure centres and recreation facilities.

Dozens of enhancements have been added to Envibe in recent months, including improvements to its automated ‘trigger’ messaging and course management functionality and other changes to make managing members and handling vouchers simpler.

Envibe Product Coordinator Aleksandar Vukovic said the recent enhancements were driven by feedback submitted via the Customer Voice Portal.

“These upgrades address many of the feature enhancements our customers have suggested and voted on and we have also released an urgent update to address the COVID-19 outbreak. This upgrade version [v795] provides new functionalities which handle bulk suspensions for non-debit memberships.

“We hope to add even more features over the coming months to ensure Envibe remains the number one choice for leisure centre management.”

Trigger message upgrades

Envibe’s automated trigger messaging functionality has been enhanced with new options to make communicating with members easier. A new option has been added to enable automated messages to be sent to members when their credit cards are about to expire. This enables them to update their credit card details, reducing the number of payments that are missed.

New options have also been introduced to send automated messages to all people who have booked a specific facility or course. The look and feel of trigger messages has been improved too – Envibe users now have more power to customise their trigger email letterheads with logos and other brand elements.

Better course viewing and reporting

Joiners and leavers report

Group fitness classes, swim schools and other courses play an important role in the success of many leisure centres. Recent improvements have made the course management workflow more flexible by making it possible for administrators to change class times in instances where participants are enrolled in the class for dates after the effective change date. This simplifies the process and saves time.

Another improvement ensures all courses show up in the courses timetable extract, even if they do not currently have any registered attendees. Previously only courses with registered attendees were displayed in the timetable extract but the change will ensure they can now more easily be identified and promoted.

The Courses web portal has also been enhanced to ensure it syncs more effectively with the Envibe core system. This will be particularly helpful for facilities that include swim schools as it will allow parents and guardians to view enrolment details for their children.

Course reporting has been improved too. Records can now easily be called up showing attendees who have recently joined or left a class, and improvement have been made to the accounts receivable summary.

Voucher improvements

Making vouchers available can add much needed revenue stream to your business. But managing them can sometimes be a headache. The recent improvements to our Envibe leisure management software give users more flexibility and visibility when it comes to customer vouchers.

We’ve added an alert within the system to inform front-office staff if a customer has an unused voucher available for a course they are booking. This will allow them to ask a customer if they wish to use their voucher at the point of booking.

Reporting on vouchers has also been enhanced so that the voucher sale number and the date of issue is shown against every voucher. This information can be viewed within the Envibe interface or exported in PDF or CSV format as part of the vouchers reporting option.

Enhanced membership management and bookings

Cancel memberships tablet

The heart of Envibe’s leisure management software is its membership management and booking functionality. We’ve enhanced the system to give administrators more power and discretion to change the amount owing or provide refunds or payment options when cancelling a customer’s membership.

The Point of Sale module has also been improved so that people can make multiple course or facility bookings in one go, rather than having to book each individually. This is designed to speed up the booking process and save time.

What next?

Further enhancements will be made in coming months, including a major upgrade to Courses functionality. Stay tuned and remember to join the conversation in the Jonas Leisure Customer Voice Portal if there are any further enhancements you would like to see.

Recent upgrades (full summary of significant changes)


  • Annotations not applying to public holidays are not shown on the diary, but are still considered to be marking the resource as unavailable – v773
  • Booking diary enhanced with the ability to export directly to a PDF file has been replaced with an integration with Microsoft Print to PDF (installed by default on Windows 10), Bullzip PDF Printer (free for commercial use up to 10 users) and Foxit Reader PDF Printer (free for both commercial and private use). Additional PDF printers can be also supported, on request) – v776
  • Booking diary enhancement to adjust document sizes when choosing between Saving as PDF and printing to PDF – v777
  • Added the option to book via the Point of Sales module to be able to do multiple actions within one space – v782
  • Added more sensitivity to Resource Availability and Bookings so they do not consider the annotations types that are disabled, nor cancelled course allocated sessions.


  • Improved User Experience when adding a new contact by keeping the newly added contact on the screen to be used further instead of searching for it after addition. This saves time when signing up a new member and as such positively both our users and their new members by improving their customer experience – v778
  • Added teacher information to the contact’s course enrolment tile – v783
  • Improved workflow of adding and removing membership by removing buttons from the Contact overview. This functionality is reserved for Interactions and point of sale


  • Change class times directly from the diary with future enrolled students:

The CHANGE CLASS workflow from the Courses screen now supports changing the class time when there are students enrolled in the class for dates after the effective change date. In the case that there are future dated enrolments, the user will be warned that the students will need to be notified manually of the change (if required). Any future dated absences, attendances, or credits will be adjusted to the new class time – v783

  • Added indication about available vouchers when paying for courses enrollments. This is to aid in discovery and consumption of credit balances held by customers – v783
  • Added restrictions to level progressions via Data Management to only those included in the streams – v783
  • Updated courses web portal to sync and show enrolments – v785
  • Improved the cancellation/hold process when a member is leaving a certain Course, new prompts included – v787
  • Improved the value display for assessment percentages that are now truncated rather than rounded to nearest value – v788
  • Improved class amending functionality which now allows the existing class details to be amended while students are enrolled: Class time, Change of skill, Day of the week – f v792
  • Include class details on sales receipt when paying for fixed term course enrolments v795
  • Course extracts did not identify enrolments resulting from replacement sessions

Rather than remove the information we have made it more obvious how many replacement sessions are included so that it is easier to track exact number of actual enrolments in the class. v795


  • Improved UI for the inventory stock workflow – v773


  • Cancellation fees improved: added more flexibility and options to the user when canceling a membership in regard to fee amount, payment type, etc – v781
  • Membership suspension reasons: When suspending a membership, a reason can now be provided to identify why the membership was suspended. This is available through the following workflows:
  • Individual suspension via contact overview
  • Individual suspension via membership overview
  • Bulk suspension via Debit Management
  • The available suspension reasons can be configured via Data Management | Membership Suspension Reasons. V785
  • Access to the bulk suspension feature for memberships is now available from Data Management | Memberships | Bulk Suspend, moved from its previous location at Debit Management | MEMBERSHIP BULK SUSPENSION.

This change was made as bulk suspension was previously not available for non-debit memberships if the Debits feature was not included in a customer’s license v795


  • When suspending a pass, a reason can now be provided to identify why the pass was suspended. This is available through the following workflows:

– Individual suspension via pass overview

– Bulk suspension via Data Management | Passes

– The available suspension reasons can be configured via Data Management | Pass Suspension Reasons.


  • Sales receipt summary improvement to display the bookings transactions more clearly – v 776
  • Invoice functionality improved: allowing the invoice to be removed via the Point Of Sale module – v776
  • Direct Debit scheduled payments improved by adjusting the functionality to accrual accounting – v782


  • Courses timetable extract improved to include empty classes in order to help users use this information to promote the classes with no attendance and therefore increase attendance and revenue – v780
  • Accounts Receivable Summary improved by enhancing the invoicing module to adjust to different accounting methods and reporting principles – v780
  • Courses joiners/leavers report improved: allows further breakdown without error and with more criteria v792
  • Unspent vouchers report enhanced to include more information: Sales Number and issued date columns added and are available in the .csv, .pdf exports. Since vouchers can be purchased and recharged multiple times, this report now included the sales identifier of the sale which first created the voucher – v785
  • Improved the courses report to include courses with no members signed up to allow better analysis and marketing focus – v785
  • Added reporting options to view members enrolled in a term as well as another term, or not – v785


  • Warn when a league with no fixture fee sales is configured: When a league is confirmed, all the charges for the league’s fixtures are raised as sales transactions for the relevant teams. In order to support leagues that charge no fixture fees, if no fixture fee sales item is configured, no charges are raised – v787


  • The “Membership has suspension” condition has been added. For this case, you can fix your trigger recipe in the next build by deleting the “Membership suspension end” condition and adding a new “Membership has suspension” condition with the “Membership suspension end” condition inside of it – v773
  • Upgraded tax invoice template – v773
  • Email letterhead enhancements to allow further customization by the users – v782
  • Upgraded database to include mobile phone numbers from New Zealand to display full contact name in text replies – v785
  • Improved trigger sensitivity to not include past memberships when firing – v785
  • Added new trigger for contacts with credit card nearing expiry – v785
  • Added new trigger conditions: The new trigger conditions Contact has booking, Contact has course enrolment, Contact has pass, and Booking has allocation allow for filtering based on connected entities without changing the target entity – v788


  • Added ability to upload custom files to the site’s web portal: CSS files, images, web manifests or any other type of file are now available and will be automatically applied to every page – v780