As restrictions start to ease across Australia and New Zealand, many gyms, leisure centres and swim schools are either open or are preparing for their big re-opening day!

Regardless of what stage your state or country is in, there’s plenty to do to adequately prepare your centre and make sure you stay compliant and COVID-safe. This is a complete reopening guide for Envibe users specifically, outlining thing you will need to action in your system including resuming membership payments, resuming courses, preparing to restart group fitness classes and what that looks like in the new landscape.

Contact tracing is also a requirement – we’ll discuss how you can do this with Envibe and introduce you to some new and easy tools from Envibe’s provider, Jonas Leisure, that will ensure you are keeping track of your visitors.

Resuming memberships

If you want to lighten the administration load, which you’ll likely experience when business returns to normal, hand the some of the responsibility over to your members.

You can encourage your customers to resume their own membership via Envibe’s Online Portal. Alternatively, you can unsuspend each member’s account as they return to your facility. Simply unsuspend their pass when they tag in at your reception desk for the first time.

envibe resuming memberships

If you want to maximise your revenue by resuming memberships, you can also use Envibe’s Contact List feature to capture suspended memberships and passes, and manually work through the list to unsuspend each account. This is a surprisingly easily process in Envibe. Keep in mind you will need to notify customers that their accounts (and any membership payments) have resumed.

Collect member details

Envibe Online also makes it easy for you to sign up any new members – which you’ll likely see a few who are eager to resume their fitness routines! Since contact tracing is now a must by both Australian and New Zealand Governments, you will need to collect details of every member or casual class attendee who visits your facility.

With Envibe Online, new members can create a new account and sign up to your centre. It’s a quick and simple process. Existing members can also use their Envibe Online account to update their personal details, billing details without creating unnecessary queues at your front desk.

Collect once-off visitor details

Envibe Online is currently only available to facility members, or people wishing to start a membership as they will need a login to use this feature. Any casual centre users or once-off visitors won’t be able to do this with Envibe and will need to call your facility ahead of their visit.

However, Envibe’s provider, Jonas Leisure, have released a new product catered for group fitness and now has additional functionality for effective physical space bookings and contact tracing.

Collecting details and managing classes for casual users

If your centre has a few once-off visitors or casual class attendees, Group Move is going to be the easiest way for you to collect their details accurately. The live streaming fitness class solution has a had a recent update that allows leisure centres to manage bookings for classes and spaces in a physical facility. Just in time for your centre to reopen!

Facility managers can now use Group Move to list in-person group classes and physical spaces, like swimming pool lanes, within the facility. You can apply time slots to these bookings and capacity limits. Your visitors can then use Group Move to book a class or swimming pool lane as long as it isn’t fully booked! Group Move will help you maintain your capacity limits and stay compliant. Learn more here!

Contact tracing and monitoring capacity

As your centre reopens, it will be imperative to keep track of numbers in your facility to ensure you don’t exceed the Government mandated capacity limits. This is called contact tracing, and you can use the Data Explorer feature with Envibe Online to view a report of all the members in your centre at a specific time, or over a time range. This feature is so helpful to ensure you remain compliant as restrictions ease.

Envibe’s provider, Jonas Leisure, has also recently released a new product specifically for contact tracing which can be used alongside your Envibe leisure centre software.

Visitance helps leisure centres, swim schools collect necessary details and information from visitors. It works simply by scanning a QR code placed at the front door of your facility. The QR code scan will load a web page where the visitor can quickly and easily enter their details such as their names, number, email and address before being granted access. Your facility can then hold this data for contact tracing purposes, allowing your managers to easily contact visitors in case there is positive case of COVID-19 that has attended the facility. Learn more about Visitance here.  

Managing group fitness classes

Capacity limits are also important for your group fitness classes and pools to ensure appropriate social distancing, allocation of resources, and facility capacity. Envibe Online is going to the easiest way for you to manage these numbers. It enables you to put a cap on group fitness class numbers and space your classes out across the day. Make sure to allow adequate time in between classes to clean the space and equipment.

For swim schools and aquatic centres, you can manage your lane allocation through the same process. Simply set up your various swimming lanes as bookable spaces in the back end of Envibe Online. You can then allocate time slots for the lanes, and capacity limits per time slot, for members to book online. As long as a capacity limit hasn’t been reached, they will be able to book a time slot. It a quick and easy process for your members, and helps you meet contact tracing requirements since Envibe can track all member bookings.

You can now manage your class bookings via Group Move if that suits you better!

Update group fitness table

Since you’ll likely have a few changes to your class timetables post-COVID and will need to accommodate for a more online-booking-only approach, now is the optimum time to make sure your class details are up to date! Whether you’ve had a change of instructors, class times, or class offerings, make sure you update your timetable and available instructors in your leisure centre software. Within Envibe, you can complete this via the Groups module to reflect any of your desired changes.

Resume courses

Just like regular memberships, it’s time to remove any suspensions on continuous course memberships! For fixed term courses, adhere to your cancellations within Envibe, and resume the following week.

Communicate any changes

With the Government making so many rapid decisions in relation to COVID-19 and with so many rule variations from state to state, don’t assume your members will know when you’re ready to re-open.

Get in touch with them via email to give them a full update on your re-opening plan! Make sure to include any relevant dates, changes to hours, capacity requirements, updated group fitness timetables, COVID health and safety procedures in your centre and more.

Also consider outlining the process for how they can resume their memberships, passes or enrolments to your centre and answer any commonly asked questions you may expect.

Get in touch to learn more about how best to reopen your facility with Envibe.