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Paperless Sign-Up

Sell memberships and sign-up new members anytime, anywhere, with Paperless Sign-up.

Do you ever feel like paper forms are a hassle? Too often they get lost or damaged, you have to decipher illegible hand-writing, and errors occur when entering the form details into your system to create a new member’s account. These issues cause headaches for your staff and cost your leisure centre valuable dollars since some of those errors could cost you a member.

It’s time to wave good-bye to old-fashioned paper forms, and hello to Paperless Sign-up – Envibe’s new way to sell memberships from any mobile device.

Sell memberships and onboard new members on the spot

With Paperless Sign-up, you can sell memberships while you’re on the move. Paperless Sign-up enables your sales staff to sign-up new members from any device, anywhere, including selling the membership, creating their member account, and getting them onboarded. It’s a greener, more sustainable way to sign up new members since digital forms drastically reduce paper waste. Plus, it takes the hassle out of paper forms, and makes your new members sign-up experience super seamless – creating a great first impression!

Process payments on the spot

Paperless Sign-up enables you to create an account for your new member, including setting up direct debiting. With direct debiting set up, you can start processing their membership payments straight away.