Envibe leisure management software is ideal for exploring ‘at a glance’ information about your leisure facilities’ performance in dashboard view. But did you know there’s a whole lot more information available if you take a deeper dive using the filter options?

We spoke to Jonas Leisure Product Manager Craig Barraclough to find out about some of the most popular reports available within Envibe, and some of the ways people are using them.

Membership reports

Envibe offers a range of membership reports to make it easy to understand the number of people joining up, which membership offerings they most enjoy, what classes they attend, and much more.

Mr Barraclough says some of the most popular include the Membership Sign-ups report that can be used to track the number of new members signing up over a given time period, and the Members Post Code Distribution report that shows where your members are geographically based using a heat map.

“Envibe is designed to show you a great visual that can be interpreted and used right away,” says Mr Barraclough.

“You can still export the information from most of our reports into excel documents and print them if you want to, but one of the benefits of Envibe is that you can get usable reports right there on your screen.”

Another popular report is the Group Fitness Utilisation report. This report helps users identify which of your group fitness classes are best attended, and which ones are struggling.

Mr Barraclough says the report is often used to help managers decide which group fitness classes to offer, the best ones to do more of, and the best classes to offer less of. Multiple levels of information are available for those who want detailed data, he says.

“One thing many people don’t realise is that Envibe’s dashboard reports have layers of information in behind them. I might see in dashboard view that my spin classes are 90 per cent utilised, but if I want more information I can drill down to specific sessions to see how well attended they are, or even down to the level of seeing exactly who was there.”

Envibe Member Sign Ups report screenshot

IMAGE: Envibe Membership Sign Ups Report.

Bookings reports

If you manage recreation facilities or spaces for hire, it’s important to have a solid system in place that allows you to report on and understand when they are booked.

Envibe’s Bookings Allocation reports allow you to keep tabs on every resource you have available for booking, whether it’s a sports field, community facility or a room in one of your recreation centres.

Mr Barraclough says managers are using these reports to explore a wide range of information, ranging from how many bookings have been made to how much revenue is generated or how many hours each of their bookable resources have been hired out in any given period.

End of day reports

Some reports are used by almost every business in our industry. End of day reports are one of those.

Envibe offers a range of end of day reports that can be filtered to present the information leisure and recreation industry managers need.

Mr Barraclough says popular options include reports on the day’s takings and its breakdown (e.g. cash vs EFTPOS) and how much of the revenue was spent on different parts of a business (e.g swim school lessons vs memberships).

Reports can also be used to view which of your payment terminals were open on any given day, and how much money was received at each. If you want to compare the value of transactions that occurred against the amount processed, that is possible too, he says.

“Everyone needs these reports as part of their business. They are a core daily process in the leisure industry.”

Direct debit reports

Envibe’s Debit Management module offers myriad reporting options. Some of the most widely used include the Settlement Report, reports showing member’s most recent payments and reports identifying members’ whose credit cards are about to expire, Mr Barraclough says.

“The Expiring Credit Card List report is great for preventing issues before they arise. It allows you to email members who show up on the list to prompt them to update their credit card details before their card expires.”

Payment Issue reports identifying payments that haven’t been processed are valuable as well, he says. These reports can identify the reasons for any payment errors, whether they were due to an expired credit card, insufficient funds or another reason.

The Direct Debit module also has a range of built-in tools to can cater for common situations faced by people and organisations that manage leisure facilities. One such example is the Membership Bulk Suspension tool, Mr Barraclough says.

“There are a range of reasons you might use that, but one case might be if a facility was closed for maintenance. It gives you the ability to ‘suspend’ all of a facility’s users while the facility is closed so they aren’t getting charged for the duration of the work.”

Envibe Debit Management module reports screenshot

IMAGE: Reports available in Envibe’s Debit Management module

Want more? Let the team know

Mr Barraclough says Envibe’s reporting functionality is continuing to evolve and feedback is always encouraged from users.

“We know there are still a range of reports our users want and we’re always keen to hear ideas.”

If you have any questions about Envibe reporting, or would like to request any changes, please email the team at customercare@envibe.com.au.