They say summer bodies are made in winter, but many who missed that memo have been spurred into action by the most recent change of season. And they’re turning to their local fitness and leisure centres to help them get in shape.

While that sounds like great news, if your facility isn’t poised to make the most of the opportunity or isn’t well equipped to deal with the influx of people, you’ll miss out or, worse still, send them looking for your competitors.

Luckily, Envibe can help.

Get the message

Envibe’s Trigger Management and Message Media functions make it easy to understand your members and build meaningful and lasting relationships with them.

Trigger Management enables automated communications with customers when certain conditions are met. Within Envibe, these automated messages are known as recipes, and they can be used to reach out to your members in a wide range of different scenarios.

For example, you might set a recipe with the following conditions:

  • Contact is subscribed for email
  • Contact’s membership has lapsed in the past three months

These conditions would allow you to contact only members whose membership had lapsed during winter with an email offering a promotion or discount aimed at getting them to re-join and get in shape for summer.

Likewise, if your facility was offering a bootcamp in the lead-up to summer, you could target your communication to those who have previously participated in something similar within your facility to let them know and encourage them to sign-up.

Envibe’s Message Media function lets you customise SMS (also known as text) messages in the same fashion.

Better targeted communications help avoid sending irrelevant, and sometimes irritating, messages to your members. While there’s a chance an existing member might pass on a membership deal to a friend or family member, if they’ve just renewed their membership at a higher, non-promotional rate, it could be a source of frustration. Likewise, your members will appreciate that the messages they receive from you are relevant to them, their situation, and their interests, resulting in more of them opening and reading your communications.

It’s always better when we’re together

Everyone knows it’s easier to keep motivation with a friend, and Envibe’s Teams function can help get people involved in sports competitions or leagues at your facility.

Whether you’re hosting an indoor volleyball tournament, running a weekly futsal or basketball league, or coordinating a one-off interschool sports competition, Envibe Teams makes it easy.

Manage team registrations and payments; provide a quick-view of events, venues, times and dates; allocate teams to different divisions; record scores and results; and generate team sheets to make it easy for staff to record scorers and fouls or penalties, all from one platform.

Group fitness classes offer a similar incentive for people looking to incorporate a social component into their exercise regime.

Envibe’s Group Fitness Planning tool can help managers and trainers view and compare attendance rates for all the fitness classes they run, helping them to optimise their group fitness programme based on which classes appealed most to members and on what days and times.

If, for example, you saw your lunchtime yoga class was only achieving 40% occupancy, while your lunchtime spin class was achieving 95%, you might consider replacing the yoga class with another spin class or trialling the yoga class at another time.

Group Fitness Planner also allows managers and trainers to see a list of all attendees, which makes it easy to reach them with relevant marketing, or to send a message about a change in time or location for a class to those who are likely to attend, using the Trigger Management or Message Media functionality described above.

Reporting for duty

Reports are a critical component of ensuring your efforts are hitting the mark or identifying where changes might be needed.

Envibe’s reports present key information such as the most important income streams for your facility, which payment types your members prefer, which days and times are busiest, which products sell best, and more in a range of interactive report styles, including bar charts, column charts, pie charts, and visual maps.

This can help you to make intelligent investment, resourcing, purchasing and marketing decisions for your facility.

You can also access information such as who is in your facility and which spaces within your facility they’re using at any given time, using Envibe’s Interactions feature. This can help to allocate additional staffing to busier areas, ensuring users feel well supported.

You only get out what you put in

As much as the heading above applies to one’s journey to a shapely summer figure, it also applies to your fitness or leisure facility management software.

The performance of Envibe is only as good as the data it’s based on. The Jonas Leisure Support Team can help you to set-up your system to accurately capture information that will help you not only attract new members, but ensure they’ll never want to leave.

If you are interested in learning more about what Envibe can do for your facility and your customers, contact us at: