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The new financial year is an ideal time to ensure you have the right systems and tools in place for success at your leisure centre, health club or gym.

The leisure management software you use plays an important role in the day-to-day running of your facility, so we’ve taken a moment to jot down some key things to review within your Envibe system to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.

Dust off the cobwebs and apply a few licks of paint with these housekeeping tips to help you get Envibe and your team humming with efficiency.

Use the latest and greatest

Are you on the latest version on Envibe, and if not, why not? Make sure you’re experiencing the most powerful version of Envibe by checking with our Professional Services Team – they can also make sure you’re alerted when new versions are released. The system is constantly updated and improved so it’s worth making sure you’re using the latest version.

Refresher training

If you’ve identified any knowledge gaps recently it’s the perfect time to fill them. We can offer refresher training on particular Envibe modules or a boot camp best-practice session to help your staff use the system more effectively. Take advantage of a free two-hour Envibe Health Check to identify what training requirements might suit your facility best. We can also alert you to any of Envibe’s reporting options you might not be currently using that you could benefit from.

Update your pricing for the new financial year

Have you updated your prices for membership, group fitness and wellness sessions, court hire opportunities and all the other fantastic activities your facility offers? Councils in Australia and New Zealand will have recently reviewed their pricing for the upcoming financial year to ensure they account for inflation and any other changes to operating costs. Many owners of privately-owned leisure and fitness facilities will be looking to do the same. If your pricing has changed it’s essential that your Envibe system is up to date to avoid any confusion and make sure your customers are being charged the new 2024-2025 rates when booking or purchasing online.

Make the most of Envibe’s modules

Envibe is packed with modular bells and whistles to boost the efficiency of your leisure operation and make the experience at your facility more enjoyable for customers. From the Online Customer Portal, which lets customers manage their information and make bookings from anywhere, to our Teams module for league management and our Venues & Facilities module to simplify court, swimming lane and meeting room bookings, there are plenty of options to choose from. Make sure you’re making use of the modules that can save your staff time and boost your business’ success.

Take out the trash

Like all systems, Envibe needs a good clean out every now and again. Our Professional Services team can clear out any redundant files, polish up its inner workings and work with you to make sure all settings and modules are configured to meet your specific needs.

Now’s the time to optimise Envibe so you can ensure it’s in the best shape to help your business grow, succeed and flourish in the new financial year. Get in touch with our Professional Services team to let us know how we can help – we’re on your side.

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