Summer holidays.

As we head into what is often the busiest time of year for many sport, recreation and leisure facilities, there is a real risk of losing some of the industry’s best and brightest to burn-out.

The good news is, you can use your facility management software to combat this risk, and we’ve got a few tips on how!

Get ahead of the rush

Envibe’s Business Insights and Reports functionality makes it easy to see the most popular days, times and areas of your facility. This can help you plan ahead to ensure you are properly staffed and resourced during common busy times and avoid paying to have additional staff working when they’re not required.

This information is also available in real-time through Envibe’s Interactions functionality, allowing you to move staff between areas of your facility that might be more or less busy than expected, ensuring both your staff and users feel well supported.

Information about the use of your facility can also be used to encourage people to visit at times where it might not be so busy or to attend classes that aren’t typically full. This could include offering a lower cost for memberships where access is limited to certain hours, or a discount for less popular classes.

Help new staff hit the ground running

There’s no getting around it. Most facilities will require additional staffing over the summer holiday period. But how do you make sure new staff get up to speed quickly, and that you’re not placing a significant training burden on your existing staff?

It’s simple. Smart systems.

Envibe isn’t just a pretty (inter)face – though we’ve been told more than once it’s the best-looking facility management software out there. It’s easy to use, intuitive design makes it quick and easy for new staff to pick-up, saving time, increasing efficiency, reducing the risk of costly errors and lessening the pressure on existing staff.

Take it out of their hands

Envibe’s kiosks put the power in your customers’ hands, freeing up staff for other important tasks.

Customers can use the kiosks to sign in to your facility, a specific class or service such as children’s creche, saving both themselves and your staff time and reducing stress during busy periods.

Talk this way

There’s plenty of information to be shared with your customers over the summer holiday period. Changes to class times or opening hours. Special deals, promotions and events. Payment information ahead of public holiday bank shutdowns.

The trouble is, your business isn’t the only one trying to share information with your customers at this busy time of year, and it’s easy to get missed amongst all the noise.

Make it easy for your staff to communicate with customers the way they want to be communicated with, with Envibe’s Trigger Management function.

This function facilitates automated communications with customers when certain conditions are met, through email or text message. These conditions might include tailored messages when a customer defaults on a payment, when their membership runs out, or if they’re having a birthday.

It’s also possible to use the data Envibe captures about your members to target your messages based on past activity or behaviour. For example, if you’re offering a new class, you can target members who have enjoyed a similar class in the past, rather than sending to those who are unlikely to have any interest in that class and risk annoying them.

This way your members will know the messages they receive from your facility are typically relevant to them and worthwhile reading, and your staff won’t spend precious time crafting emails or texts that could have been automatically sent from Envibe with little or no staff intervention.

Make their lives easy

Leisure centre management isn’t easy at the best of times. There are customers to take care of, maintenance to be done, financials to issue, pay and reconcile, classes to teach… the list goes on and it only gets more difficult during busy periods.

Let Envibe make it easy.

Manage memberships and payments: easy. Bookings: a piece of cake. Sales: a breeze. Reporting: no problems.

Taking care of the people who take care of your facility and your customers is one of the best investments you can make. Let your leisure facility management software help.