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Upgrading to our Envibe leisure management solution has never been easier, with full wrap-around support from our team to help you every step of the way.

Envibe is our premium platform, providing an intuitive and easy to use interface, powerful member and leisure management tools, and an elegant customer portal that lets customers manage their accounts and make group fitness and course bookings online.

The ability for people to update their own details and make bookings from home keeps customers happy and reduces workload for staff, freeing them more time to do important stuff – like spending time getting to know their customers and what makes them tick.

The process of switching Envibe is a simple one, involving a product demo at a time that suits, followed by a consultation with one of our business analysts to work out how Envibe can help you best support your business and leisure community.

We work alongside you to understand your needs and support you to painlessly migrate your membership and account data into Envibe. We discuss system optimisations, assist you with testing and training, and can even provide a communication plan to make it easy for you to share the changes with your leisure customers and bring everyone along for the ride.

Your customers and staff will find the new system easier to use than ever. Envibe integrates easily with entrance control gates used at many leisure centres and gyms and features powerful automatic trigger messaging functionality that can be used to welcome, inform, update or ask feedback from customers. Routine tasks, like alerting customer’s that their credit card details have expired, become a breeze with Envibe, no longer taking up your staff’s precious time.

The cost of upgrading to Envibe is an investment in your business. Take the first step today by emailing our sales team to arrange a demo.

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