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Jonas Leisure is thrilled to announce a new Windcave point of sale integration for its Envibe leisure management software.

The upgrade allows leisure facilities to take and manage payments from Windcave EFTPOS terminals directly from the Envibe platform.

“This integration has been developed in response to customer demand in Australia and New Zealand,” says Jonas Leisure General Manager Alissa Lim.

“It expands the range of integrated EFTPOS point of sale options for Envibe users, building on our existing integrations with Linkly in Australia and New Zealand.”

Windcave is a leading payment gateway solution that makes it easy to securely link an EFTPOS PIN pad to an on-site PC, enabling vendors to take EFTPOS payments from customers.

For assistance integrating Envibe with Windcave EFTPOS devices at your facility, please contact our Jonas Leisure support team.

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