The way you communicate with your customers can have a major impact on leisure businesses, especially when it comes to key interactions such as promotions, signing up for memberships, account management and making bookings.

If you get it wrong, customers will feel frustrated and uninformed – and your business will suffer.

Luckily, Envibe streamlines digital communication and account management through simple and effective customisable templates and trigger messaging. This built-in marketing tool helps keep customers well-informed and happy, which keeps them coming back and recommending your business and leisure programs to others.

In this feature focus, we delve into the ways Envibe’s automated email features can specifically improve the customer experience and simplify administration tasks to take pressure off staff.

A hands-off approach to account management

One of the main benefits of Envibe’s email templates is that they allow leisure businesses the ability to have a hands-off approach to managing member account details. This is core functionality that any good leisure management software should provide

It is essentially a self-service for members, as everything they need to do to create and manage their account doesn’t have to be managed on-site or in-house by an admin – it can be done directly through four effective and easy-to-use email templates.

For instance, the ‘Confirm Account Creation’ email template is used to create an automated email that prompts and guides a new customer to create their log in, after they have joined as a member.

There’s also ‘Confirm Email Change’ template, which allows customers to effortlessly update the email they use to log in, without having to go through your reception or staff at your facility.

Similar to the process of setting up an account for a new customer, the ‘Confirm Existing Account Creation’ email template can be used to prompt an existing customer to create their log in, which is then attached to their existing user information in your database.

Finally, the ‘Reset Password’ template allows customers to update the password used to log in by simply following the prompts – which is especially handy when a customer has forgotten their password.

Booking and purchase confirmations made easy

Envibe’s web module also gives businesses the ability to easily configure confirmation emails with two additional templates – ‘Web Booking’ and ‘Web Membership’.

These are automatically sent to customers once they make a booking or purchase a membership. For instance, the trigger message might be set up to thank the customer and provide them with relevant information.

Further, there is an option to merge fields – so additional information such as the booking dates and allocations or membership type can be included within the email.

Envibe gives you the ability to customise these booking or membership confirmation messages, which opens up options to add your own personality, or even drive increased business. For example, you may include key information about parking or course duration, or suggest complementary products or services that customers may want to purchase from your on-site retail outlet (e.g. goggles for swim classes, or protein supplements for your gym).

All of these tools can significantly improve member engagement and sales, while also reducing the administrative workload on your staff.  For further information about Envibe’s functionality, send us an email or phone us on +61(02) 9906 7522.