We’re launching into 2019 with some exciting enhancements to our premier Envibe leisure management software.

While you’ve been busy managing the summer fitness frenzy, we’ve been flat out adding support for direct bookings at point of sale, a smarter check-in process for users, and improved reporting on sales campaigns.

Support for direct bookings at point of sale

One of our most exciting additions is new functionality allowing leisure centre customers to use Envibe to book resources, classes and other activities at point of sale. This helps to take the strain off staff, reduces wait times, and lets customers explore the range of resources and experiences available to them.

Here’s how it works. Once a facility adds a resource to its Envibe sales deck, customers can select the item using a touchscreen or on-site kiosk to easily make a booking or select a hire period.

Envibe sales deck

Once selected, users can view available times and choose what works best for them.

Front desk staff can use the same interface on their front desk computers to manage bookings on behalf of users, and the new functionality also makes group bookings easy.

New Sale in Envibe

A smarter check-in process for members

Envibe’s check-in process has also been upgraded to ensure members don’t lose admissions if they try to check-in for a fitness session that is not currently valid or a class that took place in the past. Envibe now checks the class time against the current time, and then provides an alert to any user that tries to check in by mistake, telling them that the class has already occurred or is not currently running.

Smarter check in Envibe

This improves the user experience by ensuring people get what they have paid for. It also makes it easier for managers to control access to their facility based on the membership types of different users.

Improved reporting on membership benefit discounts

At this time of year many leisure centres are offering incentives for new members or discounts for customers who hold certain membership types. This might be a fixed rebate on all first-year memberships, or a 10 per cent discount on all purchases from your on-site shop for “corporate members”.

To make measuring the success of these membership benefit discounts easier, we’ve added new ‘Sales Level’ and ‘Sales Audit’ reports.

New reports in Envibe

The Sales Level report displays the discount, or ‘sales level’, you have offered on any membership type at your facility. It also displays the number and value of sales you’ve made at each of these sales levels.

The Sales Audit report shows you how many of your products, classes or membership types have been sold with a membership benefit discount attached.

These two reports allow you to gauge the success of the sales levels you are offering, hone-in on the perfect discount amount, and plan for future campaigns.

More enhancements ahead

We’ve got more exciting improvements in the works for Envibe in coming months, so keep an eye on our website and newsletters for further information. And of course, if there are any improvements or features you would like us to consider adding, feel free to get in touch.