The way you manage venue hire and booking at your leisure centre can have a real impact on the experience of your customers and the stress levels of your staff.

Get it right and booking out a venue is simple for customers and painless for your team to manage.  Get it wrong and you will frustrate customers, miss out on bookings, and waste hours of staff time managing bookings inefficiently.

The powerful and easy to use booking functionality of Envibe leisure centre software can make all the difference. In this month’s feature focus, we look at some of the ways Envibe can be used to make managing venue hire and booking easy.

Book and reserve different spaces in your leisure centre

Envibe makes it simple to manage bookings for all facets of a facility, whether you want to book out a meeting room, a court in your gymnasium or an individual lane in one of your leisure centre’s swimming pools.

The Envibe system is easier to use and more flexible than other leisure centre software options, allowing you to decide on which spaces you want to hire out and how each of those spaces will be divided up and priced for different uses. You might allow your basketball court to be used for either basketball or football, for example, with different court rates for each based on the duration of the match, number of players and equipment required. Likewise, individual pool lanes in your aquatic centre can be divided into shallow and deep ends, with each end bookable separately.

Envibe gives you total control over the details. Choose how long a space in your facility can be booked for, set the deposit amount customers need to pay to secure a booking and configure different rates for casual users, community groups and any other category of user you want to set up. If you need to tailor your rates for different hire periods or put in place a requirement for a minimum notice period for bookings, the power is in your hands.

Manage bookings seamlessly with leisure centre software

Managing bookings once they are made is easy too. Unlike some other less advanced leisure software, Envibe lets you allocate the account and revenue codes for income that comes from the booking of spaces or facilities you manage. This makes it easy to track payments and attribute it to the correct place.

Every booking lists the contact details of the person who made the booking, and you can put in place a requirement for secondary contacts to be provided if you wish to do so. You can also allocate a host for any bookings, within the Envibe system, so staff know who is responsible for looking after any group once they arrive.

View all your bookings at a glance

The booking diary in Envibe allows you to view all your upcoming facility bookings at a glance. Want to view all upcoming bookings of your basketball courts? No problem. Need to check when the lanes in your heated indoor pool are booked? This is the aquatic software you’ve been looking for.

Envibe’s booking diary lets you create calendars for every space or facility you manage. Those you use most often can be designated as favourites for easy viewing, with the others easily accessible in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Streamline the process for customers

The other half of a winning leisure centre booking system is its customer interface. It needs to be reliable, simple to use, and take payments easily. Envibe manages all this with ease.

Community groups, leisure centre members and casual users can book any venues, facilities or spaces you make available for hire, from the moment they are set up in the system.

Booking classes using Envibe leisure centre software is a breeze as well. Its customer-facing interface lets members enrol in classes or manage their contact details from home, work or their mobile phones. This self-management by members also makes life easier for staff by reducing the amount of time they spend administering bookings or chasing people for their latest phone number or email address.

Track referrals and report on your bookings

A good booking system should also provide business intelligence to help guide your future decision making. Envibe reports can be generated to show business critical information. This might show the amount of revenue generated by different spaces in your facility, or the percentage of total bookings made at any of the various rates you have set up. This can help you understand how your facility is being utilised and make it easier to set targets for the year ahead.

Referral sources can also be tracked and reported on, giving managers and those involved in marketing a better understanding of how customers are hearing about your facility.

Using reports like these can make a big difference to your bottom line and form an invaluable part of any winning leisure centre software solution.

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