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We’ve launched an upgraded version of Envibe designed to save leisure facility staff time and make it easier for facility users to browse group fitness sessions or enrol their children into courses such as learn to swim classes.

The latest version introduces a web cart that allows parents to enrol multiple family members into courses in one transaction, search filters enabling customers to find their ideal group fitness session, and a virtual reception making it easier for centres without entrance control gates to manage check-ins.

Web cart for course enrolments

Leisure centre customers can forget the feeling of fomo when making multiple bookings for their children online. The latest improvements make it possible for parents to enrol multiple children on the same or different courses in one web cart transaction. This saves time and removes the risk of a course becoming booked out while enrolling and paying for each child individually.

The new web cart is available for the Courses module, making it ideal for ongoing courses such as learn to swim, gymnastics or orienteering.

The new Courses web cart allows parents to enrol multiple children in one transaction.

Offer online membership discounts at times that suit you best

No longer are you limited to advertising membership discounts two weeks before they start – you decide when you want to start your targeted advertising of discounts and set the date accordingly.

Previously Envibe set the duration of all member promo deals to two weeks, but this change gives users the power to make the deal last for as long as they choose. Ideal for seasonal or promo membership offers.

Search filters and new look for group fitness timetable

The group fitness timetable in Envibe’s customer portal has been enhanced with a new look and dropdown search filters to help customers find their perfect group fitness session.

The range of easy-to-use filters include time, location, class type, program, and instructor to make it easy for customers to find the ideal class for them.

New look group fitness timetable with search filters.

Virtual reception makes check-in easy

We’ve added virtual terminal integration to make it easy for staff at leisure facilities without entrance control gates to manage check ins. This allows members to check in even if a front desk staff member is away, making sure admission data Is correct.

Virtual check-in works by using 2 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers at a single terminal, one facing the front desk staff member and one facing the facility visitors, so either side can activate check-in by scanning an authorised card or token.

Virtual reception is particularly useful in small centres where only one staff member might be around at any one time.

Invalid scans are highlighted by a two-beep signal alert.

Icing on the cake

In addition to the exciting changes above, we’ve also refined some minor, but handy aspects of Envibe to avoid confusion.

Firstly, digital admissions on customers’ devices now show the name of the site the session is at – just to make things crystal clear.

Secondly, Envibe will now regally refer to King’s Birthday Weekend instead of Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

And thirdly, we’ve strengthened our policy settings so admins have the power to prevent staff from cancelling and issuing refunds for completed and paid-up bookings.

Please contact our Support Team if you’d like to upgrade to Envibe version 877 – the latest and greatest version yet. You can of course choose to experience it in a test environment first to give you time to get your staff up to speed and arrange any necessary communications.

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