A new course management module is available to Envibe users to make management of swim school and fitness classes easier at leisure facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

The Courses module makes it simpler for staff at aquatic facilities and leisure centres to administer all the fitness courses, including swim school classes, they run on-site. It replaces the integrated third party CoursePro plugin currently being used by many Envibe users.

Jonas Leisure Development Operations Coordinator Sheena Sadlier says the optional upgrade is designed to make course management faster and more straight forward for users.

Some users will already have received the upgrade and it is now available to all other users who want to implement it at their leisure facility.

“It’s a great step forward and we’ve had positive feedback from those who have moved to the new module so far.”

The new Courses functionality is fully-integrated into Envibe leisure management software, resulting in faster loading speeds and an interface that looks and functions the same as the rest of Envibe. It allows course administrators to manage key areas such as enrolments, direct debits, assigned teachers and participant assessments all from one interface.

“Our new Courses module gives users a seamless and full-featured course management experience, all from within the Envibe system they are familiar with.”

Envibe leisure management software Courses module mobile

The Courses module makes managing classes and enrolments easy.

Jonas Leisure is committed to regularly improving Envibe’s Courses module to ensure it is meeting users’ needs, Ms Sadlier says.

One of the most significant recent upgrades has been the introduction of a ‘Clone Course’ function, designed primarily for users that run courses on a fixed-term basis, rather than continuously throughout the year.

This function allows users to replicate the setup of an existing course, so they don’t have to create an identical course from scratch for every school term. It is designed to save administrators’ time and also provides the ability to carry over the teacher and hold places for all of the existing students for the next term of the course, so they don’t all have to be re-added manually.

Another recent enhancement is the introduction of an online customer portal that allows parents and other caregivers to view their children’s progress and the assessments they have completed. This is particularly useful for facilities with swim schools as it provides parents with greater visibility of how their child is progressing.

Envibe leisure management software Courses view progress tinified

The customer portal allows parents and caregivers to view their child’s progress.

Ms Sadlier says the customer portal will be further enhanced in coming months to allow parents to decide whether the time is right to move their child up to the next swim-school level, at the click of a button, if they have passed all the required assessments.

This will only be possible if a swim school teacher has tagged the student as being ready to progress, but it puts the power into parent’s hands and will further reduce the workload of administrators.

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