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Jonas Leisure held a special webinar session recently to lift the lid on some of the most exciting new features and development plans for its Envibe leisure management software.

Dozens of users attended the ‘New Features Spotlight’ webinar, which introduced recent enhancements to Envibe and provided users with an opportunity to feed into future development.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to engage with our users and show them some of the latest and greatest enhancements to the system,” said Jonas Leisure Operations Manager Alissa Lim.

“Envibe is forever evolving and we wanted to give users some insight into the development pathway, and how their ideas are central to so many of the new features we add.”

Among the high-profile additions showcased as the webinar were the Envibe Online Portal and a series of new reports that have been added to make running courses and leisure centre management easier.

Envibe Online Portal

A major focus of session the new Envibe Online Portal. This enhancement includes a wide variety of improvements to make it easy for customers to enrol in courses or group fitness classes from home or while they are on the go.

Jonas Leisure Development Operations Coordinator Sheena Sadlier, who presented during the webinar, said many of the new features had been requested by users.

The ability for facility users to enrol in courses online was “top of the list” for many leisure centre managers and its addition to the system would play an important role in ensuring Envibe remains the number one leisure management solution in Australasia.

Online registration of teams into social leagues is also possible from within the portal, along with purchasing and topping up casual or multi-visit passes, and making payments using a credit card or voucher that has been issued by a leisure facility or site.

The new portal also makes it simple for facility managers to set up and administer new courses, leagues and options that will be available for customers to book online. Account statements can be issued to customers – individually or in bulk – and course instructors can easily view any medical conditions members have reported when booking into a class or course, to help ensure participant safety.

Many of the settings in the online portal can be created on a site by site basis, allowing managers to set up different classes or courses for each of the different facilities they manage.

New reports

Another noteworthy recent enhancement to Envibe has been the rollout of new or upgraded reports, Ms Sadlier said.

For those managing courses, the Course Changes report has been enhanced to allow managers to see an extract of new people who have joined a given course, in addition to those who have left the course or moved from one course to another. An Assessment Report has been created to make it simple for course administrators to see participants’ assessment records, and the Attendance Report has been improved to make it easier to see who has attended courses within a nominated timeframe.

Business reporting has also been improved with the addition of a new Suspensions Report that makes it possible to view the number and names of members who have suspended their memberships over a nominated time period.

Plans for the future

Ms Sadlier said Envibe development was an ongoing project, informed by market demand and feedback from existing users. One of the main tools used by Jonas Leisure to prioritise future development was its Customer Voice Portal.

The portal allows Envibe users to propose features and bug-fixed, as well as up-vote those proposed by others. The number of up-votes on each topic plays a role in determining whether it will be added to Envibe, and what priority it will be given. Other factors include the technical feasibility of proposed enhancement, as well as any urgency – bug fixes were often given priority, particularly if they impact core day to day operations, she said.

Among the future plans are improvements to the trigger messaging functionality available to social league admins, as well as improvements to the look and feel of the Envibe Online user interface.

Ms Sadlier said Jonas Leisure would continue to update its user manuals and would run information webinars for Envibe users to overview new features as they were introduced.

Video tutorials were also being developed, along with questionnaires that could be used by managers in tandem with the video tutorials, when training new staff on how to use Envibe at their leisure centres, she said.

Want more detail? Watch the full webinar online.