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If you’re looking at changing from your existing leisure software system, or introducing leisure club software into your business for the first time, there’s a few things you will need to consider first.

Choosing the right software provider can be a huge decision for your company. Chopping and changing between providers can cause disruptions in your business’s workflow and to your customers, so getting it right from the start is crucial.

So what are some of the things you need to consider when moving to a new leisure software provider?

Implementing your leisure club software

Ask questions about the implementation process and what’s involved from start to finish in getting set up with your new leisure club software. Many on-premise software solutions have a longer implementation process than cloud solutions as they need to be installed on a computer locally and configured to suit your business. But what this means is you get a solution that is set up specifically for your business and how you need it to run.

Also consider if the company you’re looking at purchasing your software through is willing to work with you and the requirements you have for your business. Finding a leisure software company that aligns with your core values and is open and willing to help you have the best experience possible will be instrumental to the implementation success.

The team at Envibe take pride in being flexible and willing to work with all of their customers to find meaningful ways to meet your businesses’ needs.

“Always ready to understand our issues. Easy to get a hold of and willing to help.” – NPS Survey Responder

Click here to learn more about onboarding with Envibe.

Data transfers from one leisure software to another

If you’re moving from one leisure club software solution to another, a big part of the move will be your data transfer. All that valuable data you’ve worked hard to build over the years, like your member base, membership details, class bookings and so on, must be able to be easily moved over to your new provider.

Chat with your current provider and future provider about the data transfer process and see what’s involved in the move. Again, look for a provider that’s willing to work with you and your existing provider to ensure any data transfers are seamless.

Education time in your new leisure system

Factor in the amount of time it will take you and your staff to learn the new leisure club system. Is it an intuitively designed solution that will be simple for staff to pick up without any education, or will you need to invest time, money and effort into an educator for the system?

Also consider if education is included or an add-on offered by the provider, and if it offers online only training or in-person training. What’s going to be better for you and your team? What is the quality of online training that is being offered and will that be enough for your staff? In the age of COVID-19, online learning has become very effective, and often there isn’t a need for in-person training anymore.

The team at Envibe are so passionate about providing high quality education to their new and long-term customers alike.

“Hannah is an incredible trainer. She makes the content so easy to learn, digest and get used to. She’s just amazing. The way she answers questions is really good, makes sure she understands the questions herself by putting it into a scenario and talking it completely through with us. Just the best!” – NPS Survey responder

Envibe are also planning on launching a new e-learning platform that will be available to new and existing customers. The new e-learning platform will include help videos, how to guides, the recently updated user manuals in one easy place.

Support availability, quality and location

How important is support for you when things go wrong? Trick question – we know it’s an essential! Having a quality, local support team that you can contact any time, any day is often so important for many customers who implement leisure club software. We all know that no matter what, technology doesn’t always work the way we want it to, so having a reliable support team that you can contact during trying times will take so much stress off you and your team.

Finding a locally created product with a local ANZ support team will make your transition that much easier.

At Envibe, customers have access to a 24/7 support team that can help them with any issues or queries. Since the product was designed and built here in Australia, it’s become a solution that many in the industry know and trust. Our support teams are also local, so our customers will never have to deal with frustrating call centres that transfer you from technician to technician without actually solving your problem.

Want to learn more about what’s involved in changing leisure software providers? Click here to get in touch with our helpful team today and we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of getting set up with a new system.

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