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Envibe leisure management software has been powered up in recent months with the addition of enhancements that make it easier for leisure centre staff to manage group fitness classes, learn to swim courses and leagues.

A range of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes have also been introduced, along with improvements that make it easier for customers and leisure facility staff to make and manage online bookings.

All of these changes, introduced over the past three months, will help ensure Envibe remains the premier leisure management solution for Australian and New Zealand leisure facilities.

Courses module changes

Courses such as group fitness and swimming classes play an important role in the success of many leisure businesses, which is why many of Envibe’s recent improvements focus on the Courses system.

Jonas Leisure Head of Sales and Customer Success Dushayant Dhar says the company has taken customer feedback on board and added options that make it easier to manage courses, including in instances where they have to be temporarily suspended.

Envibe now allows authorised leisure facility staff to manage temporary course shutdowns for continuous courses. During shutdown periods, customer payments are stopped, and the system does not record attendances while the class is not in session.

To prevent double bookings, the Courses module has also been updated to warn administrators if they attempt to schedule a course within a space that is being used for another class. The user will be warned if any bookings, course or group classes or team fixtures overlap the timeslot they are trying to book. This adds to the double-booking prevention features already offered by Envibe.

The Class Attendance and Change Extract reports have also seen improvement. It is now easier to view a list of people who attended a specific class, and the information can be filtered by the course level, class type and lesson time. New joiners are now supported in the Change Extract report, alongside movers and leavers. The enrolment history display has been refined so users can filter enrolments for the past three months, rather than seeing the entire history.

Online functionality improved

Vouchers can be an effective revenue stream. With more facilities adding online booking options to their websites, Envibe has been enhanced to make vouchers easier to use.

Valid vouchers can now be used to make purchases online. Any non-expired voucher with a positive balance, assigned to a contact with an active web account, will now appear as an option when making an online purchase.

“Many Envibe customers are moving online so their customers can easily make bookings and purchases as it suits them. It is important for us to provide the tools these businesses need to offer all their services online,” Mr Dhar says.

Users can also top up their passes online using the customer portal. The top-up option will show when a member’s pass has three or fewer remaining visits available.

Teams module enhancements

Teams and leagues bring many customers through the doors, so updating the Teams module has been another priority.

The module now supports up-front registration fee payments for teams that want to pay their fees in full, rather than pay them off over time.

It is now easier to manage withdrawal fees for teams leaving leagues too. The withdrawal fee will appear on a team’s account screen and can be paid, refunded or credited. Withdrawal fees are now also appropriately reversed when a withdrawn team is re-registered into a league.

“We hope all these changes make life easier for Envibe customers. I encourage people to continue to give feedback through our Customer Voice Portal so we can continue to lead the way with our leisure management software,” Mr Dhar says.

Quality of life and bug fixes

A range of bug fixes, accounts, Point of Sale and quality-of-life improvements have also been rolled out to create a more seamless experience for users. Envibe users can view a list of all changes made in the latest versions of Envibe on the Jonas Leisure Knowledge Base.

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