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The Teams module in Envibe has been enhanced to provide councils, recreation centres and universities with a more powerful all in one solution for sports league management.

One of the most impressive enhancements is the addition of an up-front registration fee payment option which allows administrators to process teams’ season fees in full and all in one go if a team chooses to do so, rather than paying for each individual match they play.

Another key recent improvement is the ability for team captains to pay their team season registration fees online via the Envibe customer portal, further reducing the workload for league administrators.


Envibe’s optional Teams add-on has everything a leisure manager needs to manage social sports leagues.

It stores league participants’ data all within the central Envibe leisure management system, meaning those taking part in a league at one of your facilities won’t have to be registered in a separate system to use the gym or aquatic facilities. It also means facility users can access league information and team registration using one login, rather than requiring them to use different online platforms for your social leagues, gym and swim school. Everything is available under one Envibe user account.


Run sports competitions with ease. Teams takes the stress out of sports league management by automating many of the time-consuming processes involved in scheduling fixtures.

League organisers can select the sport, competition type, duration and locations where it will be played and the Teams module handles the rest, scheduling out fixtures for the season based on the number of teams that register.

Managing grading and different league structures is easy

Different scheduling rules can be applied for different sports or competition types – including whether you grading games before the league begins or elimination playoffs at the end of your regular season.

What’s more, Teams’ automated fixturing functionality takes into account the fields or courts you want to make available for your league, and which times they are available. Ensuring courts and fields are fully utilised can be a headache for organisers so this feature is a lifesaver for many.

During the league season results are all important. Just ask nominated team captains to send in their match score details using a standard score sheet for their sport to make entering the results simple for your staff. Once entered, league ladders automatically update for all to see.

When it comes to the experience of league participants, the Teams module is no less impressive. The Envibe customer portal gathers key information from team captains at the time of registration, including any notes they want to make about their preferences for the season ahead – such as a desire to play morning or afternoon matches.

Other essentials include the ability to easily print score sheets ahead of matches and view league ladders – so team captains and managers will never miss a beat.

The Envibe Customer portal simplifies the registration process for team captains.


Communication is key in team sports, and the same applies for successfully managing a sports league.

The Teams module adds additional Envibe triggers that allow users to easily send emails or SMS messages to keep people in the loop when they first sign their team up to join, or if there are cancellations, postponements or changes to a league schedule.

Players can also view league tables, fixtures and recent results on the go, reducing the workload for both team managers and league managers.


The Jonas League team is always looking at ways to improve the Teams module. Future ideas include the possibility of online registration of individual player details and potentially a scoring device for referees to enable real-time score updating.

Head to the Customer Voice Portal to give feedback and have your say on future developments, ensuring Envibe continues to lead on and off the court.

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