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Councils across Australia and New Zealand collectively spend thousands of hours every month responding to customer venue and facility hire enquiries.

Envibe’s new Venue and Facility Hire module, launching later this year, will significantly reduce this workload by making the task of managing complex bookings much easier.

The module will allow operators to empower customers to do more of the booking process themselves by giving them greater control over specifics such as which court they would like to book on a tennis court, or which lane they would like to book in a swimming pool. receive and view customer enquiries about any venues or facilities they have set up in Envibe’s customer portal, before responding or converting them to bookings and payment online.

More complex bookings that often require discussion, such as bookings for parks and spaces for weddings or birthday parties, will also be streamlined through smart back-end processes. The module will also allow customers to check the availability of facilities or venues before making a booking, significantly reducing the workload for operators.

Take a sneak peek at some of the module’s features that will help save staff time and reduce support team costs in your business.

More choice for customers when booking online

The module will enhance booking functionality already available in Envibe by allowing councils and facility managers to give customers more power over the booking process.

Envibe already enables customers to book a lane at an aquatic centre or a court at a squash club, for example, through it’s online booking functionality. However, it is not currently possible for the customer to select the specific lane they want to book, or the specific court they want to play on.

That will change with the introduction of the new module, which will give customer more fine-grained control of the booking process. Customers will be able to enter the customer online portal and select a Booking Type, Resource and Time – for instance, Badminton, Court 3, from 5-6 pm, respectively.

The customer will then have the option to make other bookings before completing a secure payment online. This gives the customer the chance to complete a more complex process online that would otherwise have required a phone call or visit to the front desk.

Pay a deposit when you book online

Pay a deposit when you book online

Another simple yet significant enhancement that the module will add to the online booking system is the ‘pay a deposit’ function. This will allow customers to make a deposit for their online booking, rather than paying the outstanding balance in full.

Facility staff will be able to see payments received, as well as any outstanding payments. They will also have the option to get in touch with the customer if necessary.

Request bookings and make online payments

The new module will also allow customers to request bookings, directly from the customer portal. This feature will allow them to easily enquire about a specific resource if they aren’t ready to make the booking immediately. For example, “is tennis court three in the shade?”

The operator of a leisure centre can then view these enquiries with the click of a button, before reviewing them, responding as appropriate, and ultimately guiding the customer through to a booking or suitable alternative.

Scheduled reporting

Scheduled reporting

It will become even easier to keep up to date on various areas of your business with scheduled reporting. Leisure centres will be able to set up automatically generated reports, which can be saved locally and sent to staff or stakeholders who are concerned with the data.

For instance, an operator could set up daily or monthly reports on booking allocations and received payments. Essentially all data in the system can be exported through automatic processes rather than having to manually compile tables of data – saving time and money.

Your feedback is invaluable

Have an idea on how Envibe can be improved? We would love to hear what’s on your mind.

Existing customers can have their say via the Customer Voice portal – the place to ask questions, make feature requests, vote on requests made by others and monitor the status of an idea or request.

Envibe customers who have not yet signed up, can do so on the Customer Voice registration page.

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