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With the holidays right around the bend and members swarming your facilities after a lengthy hiatus (thanks COVID), it might be time to consider how you can keep these members engaged. Marketing to existing customers is as equally (if not more important) as marketing to new business.

While there’s currently an influx of member activity due to the recently lifted lockdowns and the silly season in sight, it’s human nature to let good habits slip up. Often the first to be impacted is a healthy exercise routine. Come winter next year, you may have half the members you originally had in the summertime – all because they faded away and there was no concrete member engagement plan in play.

Envibe’s Trigger Messaging feature is going to be your number one marketing tool for engaging with your members.


Trigger messages are automated email or text messages that are sent to members when triggered by a pre-set action in Envibe. There’s a number of ways you can use triggers to engage with your members.

Your facility can create templated messages for triggers ranging from welcome emails for new members to reminders for participants to sign up for the next term of classes.

Targeting members with communications based on their behaviours with Envibe’s powerful Trigger Messaging tool is a recipe for success.


Envibe’s Trigger Messaging function is a great way to engage your customers, forge a strong relationship with them even if they’re not in your facility, and provide them with timely content. This is particularly useful leading up to the holidays!

You can use the member data for marketing in a number of ways. For the holidays, you can set up date triggered messages. Why not prepare a Christmas and New Years message to send to customers, wishing them a happy holidays? You could even link it to a resource on your website around workouts they can do at home (if you’re closed), recipes they can make for Christmas day or an offer on group class sessions once the New Year arrives.

At all other times of the year, you might could choose to set up a recipe for when a new member signs up, when it is a member’s birthday, or after they have attended a specific facility or class.

Make a good first impression to new members with an automated welcome message that gives them more information about your facility. You might also drive sales by offering a small discount at your facility’s store or on future fitness challenges.

Is a client about to celebrate their birthday? You can set up birthday messages offering them a special discount or deal related to a facility or class they have shown interest in.

Are you offering a new class? Let your members who have enjoyed a similar class know. Or has someone just completed their first fitness or swim class with you? Encourage them to continue by offering them an exclusive discount on their next booking.

Your members will come to know that the messages they receive from you are typically relevant to them, their interests, and will add value to their experience with you.

Whether it is informational or promotional, triggered messages are a must-have in your marketing tool kit. They make it easy to build lasting, meaningful relationships with members, improve communication and enhance the customer experience.


Keeping in contact with new and existing members does not have to be a challenge for administration staff at this time of year.

Triggered messaging saves time by automating processes, so employees do not need to manually send messages at specific times or when certain events occur. The holiday period coupled with an influx of members means you need your admin tasks to be as automated and seamless as possible! This way it will free your reception staff up to focus on the members in front of them.

Triggered messages are an easy way to build a personalised onboarding experience, engage existing clients and encourage past clients to return, for example by sending them an offer such as a free fitness consultation.

It also ensures messages are delivered instantly, makes sure no member is overlooked and eliminates the risk of human error. The last thing you need is the members you’ve worked hard to acquire slipping through the cracks, or running off to a competitor.

Taking repetitive tasks off your staff’s to-do lists frees them up to focus on other important areas of your business and your members in the facility.

Envibe users can customise their trigger email letterheads with logos and other brand elements.

For more information on Envibe’s Trigger Messages feature, feel free to reach out to our team. Click here to get in touch today!

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