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Jonas Leisure is pleased to share some of the exciting improvements coming in 2022 for Envibe, our leading leisure management software solution. These upgrades will greatly enhance the overall experience for both the software users and their customers.

Venue and Facility Online module launch

We’ve been testing our new Venue and Facility Online module for some time, and it will soon be ready to go live. The module provides leisure facility users with more granular control over the venues or facilities they are booking, such as a preferred tennis court or swimming lane, significantly cutting the time spent by centre staff on phone or in-person enquiries.

Larger, more complex bookings – such as for weddings or birthday parties – are also made more convenient, with venue or facility availability visible via an integration with your council or facility website and a streamlined process for making enquiries.

The module is all about making life easier for users. What’s more, the staff hours it can save means it will more than pay for itself for most Envibe users that plan to harness it for venue and facility bookings in their areas.

Watch out for our official launch information in the coming weeks, or contact our team now to start using the new module immediately.

The Venue and Facility Online module can be integrated with your website to make venue information easily available to the community.

Enhanced Envibe reporting

In addition to the improved customer experience, leisure facility managers will soon be able to receive scheduled reports from within Envibe’s Data Explorer. These reports will be customisable will be able to be set up for automatic distribution to authorised staff on a regular schedule.

Early 2022 will also see a ‘Booking Stats’ report introduced, allowing users to view bookings analytics showing detail on how many bookings have been made online vs in-person, along with other information demonstrating how Envibe has improved operations and driven efficiency.

Interface ‘Look and Feel’ improvements

Another exciting addition to the Envibe experience is the interface upgrade and upcoming customisability of the customer portal’s design. Due for release later this year, the much anticipated ‘Look and Feel’ upgrade will improve the user-friendliness of the interface and allow operators to better tailor their customer portal’s aesthetic through colour schemes and wording, allowing for greater alignment with your centre’s branding.

Group Fitness watchlists and Courses module upgrade

Do you have classes that are fully booked, no matter the day, and customers regularly enquiring about open spots? This will be an easy fix once the watchlist function has been added to the Group Fitness module later this year, with customers notified via an alert if a space opens up in the selected class.

Or how about parents, as the school holidays approach then arrive, asking for partial week or daily bookings in your summer holiday programmes? With coming upgrades to Envibe’s Courses mode, the booking process for all enrolment-based programmes will offer greater flexibility, with customers able to book specific days or times, in addition to the existing full-week option.

The upgrades above at just a taste of what Envibe users can expect in 2022; we hope you are as excited about 2022 as we are.

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