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For those of you with leisure facilities that run courses, whether seasonally or all year round, an effective course management system is a game-changer. Giving your members the power and autonomy to manage their enrolment, while simultaneously improving processes in the background for your staff, is a must to ensure any course runs smoothly.

Envibe’s Courses module is a leader in the course management game – simplifying the little things so you can focus on the most important thing in your facility: your members. Courses gives you, the user, a seamless and full-featured course management experience, all from within the Envibe system you are familiar with.

Envibe customer, Dubbo, implemented Courses after previously using a booking sheet in their three-site business.

“Before Envibe’s Courses module, we were using an outdated, non-user friendly software but found it wasn’t an effective way to manage Dubbo’s courses and we needed a change in process,” said Clare Fisher of Dubbo.

“Moving to Courses was a fantastic step up for our regional, multi-facility business. The biggest difference I saw was the collaboration across our sites – Dubbo, Wellington and Geurie.”

Courses gave Dubbo the accessibility and teamwork that they needed across their business. Being a regional business, each centre is far from the next, so having a system that brought them together digitally has only made their team and course management stronger.

“If we cancelled or altered a class at one centre, we could send an automated text message alerting the other sites of the change. It took that responsibility of manually notifying the other centres out of our staffs’ hands so they could focus on our members in the facility.”

Courses was designed to help you manage key areas such as enrolments, direct debits, teacher assignments and student assessments all from the one place. But it was also designed to give your members the power to manage their own course enrolment, bookings and online payments.

“For our members, Courses helped them manage their own enrolment. They could go online and access their real-time information. This made it so much easier for parents to log on and manage their children’s enrolment in swim classes for instance.”

Using the online Courses portal, parents can also view their child’s progress through the course, and the assessment they have completed giving them more visibility over their child’s experience.

While the member experience is always at the forefront for Dubbo, the main benefit implementing Courses has had at the facilities is improving all the admin processes that happen in the background for staff. Course creation and execution has become a lot more efficient, and staff across all sites can now easily answer any course queries they get at the front desk.

“Overall, Courses has made all the processes that run in the background to make a successful course happen so much simpler and our staff feel like they’re on the same page now,” said Clare.

To add to its core functionality, Courses has a few lesser known features that takes more work off your hands.

One of these nifty features in Courses is the ability to clone an existing course. This gives sites the option to clone over the setup of an existing course quickly and easily so that they don’t have to create a new one for each new term. This clone functionality can also carry over the teacher and hold places in the course for existing students for the next term, which saves having to manually re-add them. This functionality is particularly useful for sites that run courses on a fixed-term basis. This kind of feature makes the lives of admin staff so much easier since it saves time.

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