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Our new add-on Venue and Facility Online module is now available for Envibe users, providing your customers with more granular control over the spaces they book and facility managers with a time-saving way to manage more complex booking types.

For facility and venue users, the module gives them the ability to get specific when they book a space. Rather than having to make a phone call, they can request a preferred tennis court, meeting room or swimming lane when making their booking online.

Larger, more complex bookings – such as for weddings or birthday parties – are also easier. The new module allows leisure managers to make venue or facility availability visible via an integration with their own website and a streamlined process for making enquiries.

The Venue and Facility Online module can be integrated with your website to make venue information easily available to the community.

Complex venue and facility bookings made easy

The Venue and Facility Online module supercharges the booking functionality already available in Envibe by allowing councils and facility managers to give customers more control over the booking process.

Envibe’s standard booking functionality already enables customers to book a lane at an aquatic centre or a court at a squash club. What the new module does is provide a streamlined process for a customer to select a specific lane they want to book, or specific court they want to play on.

The process is as easy as a customer visiting an online portal embedded on your website and select a Booking Type, Resource and Time – for instance, Tennis, Court 2, from 5-6 pm, respectively.

The customer can then make additional bookings before completing a secure payment online. All in all it makes it possible for a customer to complete a more complex process online that would otherwise have required a phone call or visit to a facility’s reception desk.

A time-saving way to manage enquiries

The new module will also allow customers to make enquiries online, direct from the online portal embedded on your website. This is particularly helpful for more complex booking types, such as wedding venues, or birthday party bookings, where questions around catering, add-on options and other topics are particularly common. Equally, a person wishing to book a more general sporting space might have a question, such as “is tennis court three in the shade?”

The person responsible for a venue or operator of a leisure centre can then view these enquiries with the click of a button, before reviewing them, responding as appropriate, and ultimately guiding the customer through to a booking or suitable alternative.

View the facility and venue reports that matter

Last, but not least, the Venue and Facility Online module comes with additional reports to make managing things easier. These reports can be set up to automatically generate on a pre-set schedule. They can then be saved locally and sent to staff or stakeholders who need to be kept in the loop. For instance, an operator could set up daily or monthly reports on booking allocations and received payments.

The new module is all about making life easier for users. What’s more, the staff hours it can save means it will more than pay for itself for most Envibe users that plan to harness it for venue and facility bookings in their areas.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our support team via your account manager or the Contact page on our website to find out more. Our team will be happy to talk you through the functionality, pricing, and options that may work best for your specific circumstances.

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