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Envibe customers have spoken, and Jonas Leisure has listened. Exciting enhancements are on the horizon for the leisure management software to make it even more user-friendly.

Users of Australia and New Zealand’s premier leisure management software solution have proposed enhancements and voted on new features through Jonas Leisure’s Customer Voice portal.

Two of the latest enhancements to come out on top are enhancements to the Venue and Facility Hire Bookings Module and a complete user interface refresh of Envibe’s customer portal.

Jonas Leisure General Manager Alissa Lim said the changes were part of the company’s commitment to ongoing development of the software.

“Our goal is to ensure Envibe works seamlessly to make our customers’ jobs as easy as possible.”

Venue and Facility Hire Booking Module

A major enhancement is coming this year for operators using Envibe to manage their Venue and Facility Hire process. This change will add additional functionality to streamline the end-to-end journey of customer enquiries through to bookings and payments online.

The customer portal enhancement will allow for more complex booking enquiries that might typically require a level of human interaction – surfacing those enquiries within Envibe and providing a fast and easy workflow to manage and convert them through to paid bookings.

By providing an online user experience that allows customers to check venue or facility availability before making their booking enquiry,  these improvements will significantly reduce the hours operators spend in handling enquiries.

“This will allows operators to more easily handle bookings for locations that typically need additional discussion before they are hired out, such as conference rooms, parks, beaches or spaces that are only available occasionally. These enhancements will automate a lot of the manual processes and finally allow operators to take payment for complex bookings online” Mrs Lim said.

Envibe’s Customer Portal ‘Look and Feel’ refresh

One of the highest voted items is the new ‘Look and Feel’ refresh of Envibe’s Customer Portal, which will modernise the overall user experience.

An important aspect of this visual refresh focuses on operator branding, giving Envibe users more control over the overall colour theme and on-screen wording within their customer portal to make the portal feel more aligned with their brand.

“The development team has been working on perfecting the user interface for some time, so we are thrilled that it is getting closer to launch,” Mrs Lim said.

Have your say on future improvements

The Customer Voice portal is open to all Envibe customers and is the place to ask questions, make feature requests, vote on requests made by others and monitor the status of an idea or request.

If you are an Envibe customer and have not yet signed up, you can do so on the Customer Voice registration page.

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