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At Jonas Leisure, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve your fitness, health and leisure business through our innovative software. The recent upgrades to our Envibe leisure management software bring significant improvements that will make life easier for leisure facility staff, as well as customers.

Whether it’s better payment options for group fitness class bookings or enhancements to our Venue and Facility Booking module, our latest upgrades have you covered. The big-ticket enhancements introduced in our most recent upgrades are outlined below.

New users will get the latest version as soon as they sign up. Existing users who want to upgrade to new version 851 can contact our customer support team.

Courses module

Slicker payments

Managing group fitness courses and swim schools will now be easier during periods of interruption, whether that’s due to COVID-19, a participant missing lessons, or cancelled classes.

The latest version of Envibe includes a lesson-based debiting option, which can be used in place of the current day-based debiting approach.

By moving to lesson-based debiting, a customer’s debit charge will be generated according to the number of lessons they will be attending in the given billing period, whether it is weekly, fortnightly, monthly or otherwise. This new functionality also gives administrators the ability to avoid charging participants for any upcoming classes that have been cancelled.

We have also included new non-attendance crediting options. In the past, a facility could provide discretionary credit to customers who did not show up to a course or swim lesson. However, this option was set up globally (i.e. you could apply it to either all of the courses at your facility, or none). The latest version of Envibe allows facilities to set it up on a course-by-course basis instead, allowing more nuance and flexibility.

Bespoke sign-up form questions

Another enhancement is the addition of custom web fields. This feature allows bespoke questions in online sign-up forms for new members. Some facilities are already making use of this to gather information from new members about medical conditions, or to request their consent to use images of them taken on site for marketing purposes. The questions you add are in your control, providing a lot more flexibility over the kind of information they gather.

Customisable receipts

A final addition to Courses is the ability to attach a sales receipt directly to new member emails. This sales receipt can be customised to carry your branding and any other specific information you need to include.

Facilities and venue bookings

Our recently added Venue and Facility Hire module has been improved to allow facility managers to set bond payments during the booking process. This will make it simple to gather and hold customers’ bond payments for facilities being used for events such as birthday parties or weddings.

Agreement with terms and conditions can also be requested during the online booking process, including links to existing terms and conditions documentation and a tick box to show consent to those conditions, which must be selected before a customer can finalise their booking.

Automated messages

Last, but not least, Envibe’s trigger messaging functionality has been enhanced. Trigger messaging allows users to set up automated messages to customers when certain conditions are met – such as when someone first joins up as a member, or when their credit card is about to expire. They can include dynamic fields that draw on existing customer data to pre-populate trigger messages (e.g. membership numbers).

To provide facilities with more possibilities and to comply with the new Fitness Industry Code of Practice – Western Australia, we have added new dynamic field options, including: “Next debit date”, “Next debit amount”, “Last debit amount”, “Last debit date”, and “Last day of membership/attendance”. For example, you could include the “Next debit date” and “Next debit amount” fields in a trigger message for customers signing up as a member.

To sign up to Envibe or get the latest version of the software, contact us today.

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