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Camberwell Grammar School (CGS) in Melbourne has seen immediate benefits for staff, students and the local community after implementing industry-leading leisure management software at its world-class sports centre.

The sports centre includes aquatic facilities, a sports oval, basketball and table tennis halls, a gymnasium, and multi-purpose meeting rooms. Last year many of the facilities were opened up for community use, allowing them to be booked by clubs and community groups when not in use by the school.

CGS Aquatics Manager Nic Campbell says the school had been investigating options for a modular software solution that could simplify leisure management processes across multiple bookable spaces and facilities.

After looking at all the options available, CGS settled on Jonas Leisure’s Envibe leisure management platform, due to its modern interface, powerful extra swim school management features, and commitment to future development, he says.

The software has proven to be an ideal choice for the new sports centre, including some of the innovative new programs the school has developed.

These include a ‘Ready Set Race!’ aquatics programme and swimming extension lessons for students and members of the community. Envibe makes managing these programs easier and is driving success for the school’s swim squad, learn to swim, and school swimming programs, which are all at or very close to capacity, Nic says.

“Envibe has enabled us to link our school programs to our out-of-hours programs, making it easy and consistent for students to transition between departments with a single source of truth.

“Our staff enjoy the paperless system where information and assessments get captured seamlessly, and our customers enjoy Courses Online as it is 100 per cent transparent and current.”

Another benefit provided by Envibe is the ability for people to view their own swim school progress, or that of their children, via the Courses Online customer portal, Nic says.

Internally, Envibe‘s reporting functions allow authorised staff to view financial information, as well as at a glance visual overviews and summaries of programmes and classes showing which ones are most utilised.  This provides insight into busier and quieter days and times, attendance levels, users’ preferred payment methods and the school’s most profitable programs. The reports can be viewed within the Envibe interface or exported in spreadsheet form for further analysis.

“Reporting is valuable in a school environment, and with several users with varying requirements, we need a system with unique reporting mechanisms and Envibe delivers,” Nic says.

Envibe also features Trigger messaging to make communication with facility users easier.  Trigger messaging allows staff to set up templated emails and SMS messages which are then automatically sent when certain conditions are met, such as when someone signs up for a new group fitness class or course or when it’s their birthday.

Jonas Leisure’s Customer Success Manager Dushayant Dhar says it is outstanding to see Envibe leading to so many positive outcomes for the school community.

“It is always great to see facility managers recognising Envibe as the gold standard when it comes to leisure management software.  Helping simplify systems with end-users in mind is always our end goal, and we are delighted with the feedback CGS is receiving from staff and users of its facilities.”

The coming months will see Jonas Leisure continuing to work closely with CGS staff to further improve operations and enhance the experience of users, he says.

Camberwell Grammar School’s sports centre offers a wide range of world-class facilities.

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