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Envibe’s online customer portal has received a makeover, with the addition of new icons, opportunities for more customisation and other enhancements to ensure it remains visually appealing and easy to use on a wide variety of devices.

The changes are the first phase of our ‘Look and Feel’ update, which aims to make sure Envibe’s user interface is the easiest to use of any leisure management system on the market.

“It’s an important step in the ongoing evolution of our software, and one that helps ensure Envibe remains the leading light of modern leisure management solutions,” says Dushayant Dhar, Head of Sales and Customer Success for Jonas Leisure.

A cleaner more customisable look

One of the first changes users will notice when visiting the customer portal is that it’s a lot cleaner.

Icons have been added to the Courses page to help visually differentiate between course types and locations and the navigation has been improved to allow people to more easily view dates and times for course sessions that are not yet full.

The new-look customer portal enrolments screen.

Envibe’s customer portal can already be customised and embedded into client websites, whether they are a council or a private facility manager.

However, the latest round of changes gives users even more power to shape how their customer portal looks, with more branding options and added support for new file types.

Envibe users now have the ability to make icon colours and other elements within the customer portal match their existing brand colours.

File support has been extended to Scalable Vector Graphic files, known as SVG files, which are becoming increasingly popular as a means of presenting animated graphics on websites. The support for SVG files adds to the growing range of file types Envibe already allows for images that can be uploaded to the customer portal to customise the experience.

“Envibe is known for having a modern user interface,” Dhar says. “These changes give leisure operators the ability to add more of their brand and personality to their customer portal, while still keeping the look clean and ensuring processes are workflow driven for ease of use.”

Giving customers greater control

Another benefit of Envibe’s online portal has always been that it can give customers more power to find information for themselves and keep their own contact data up to date.

The Look and Feel improvements take a hearty stride in this direction by making it easier for new members to sign up and view information about their membership online.

The membership sign up form has a fresh look.

New information that can now be viewed by members via the online portal includes the activation status and end date of their membership, their next debit payment date, their debit payment frequency and their next debit payment amount.

All this extra information can now also be presented on the welcome email members receive when they sign up for a membership, improving the membership experience and reducing the number of administrative enquiries leisure facility staff need to deal with daily.

More flexibility and longer course descriptions for courses and multi-visit passes

There are many other improvements included in the Look and Feel upgrade too.

One of the lesser-known enhancements is the ability for facility managers to make one-off classes or classes on specific dates available for online enrolment. Until now it has only been possible to present ongoing classes with regular and consistent session times online, so this change will provide a lot more flexibility for leisure operators and their members.

When it comes to getting people to take that final step and enrol in a course online, information can be key. Envibe’s developers have taken this on board and made it possible for course administrators to display longer descriptions alongside the courses listed in the online customer portal, helping to drive registrations.

A similar change has been made to the ‘Passes’ functionality. Facility managers can now add descriptions to multi-visit passes, allowing them to better communicate benefits, which areas of a leisure centre a pass can be used for, or any conditions of use.

More ways for customers to view receipts, and other time savers

Last, but not least, customer records have also been improved. Payment confirmation emails for bookings, purchases, course enrolments and memberships can now include a receipt as a PDF attachment, rather than in the body of an email, for those who want to print it off more easily.

Any agreements customers have signed up to when enrolling for a membership or registering for a course are now more thoroughly recorded in the back end of the system. This includes the name of the agreement they have signed up to (e.g. agreement to T&Cs for a membership purchase or swim school enrolment) and the date they gave their approval within the customer portal.

Other improvements include improvements to the loading speed and stability of some sections of the customer portal – including the real-time listings for any bookable facility spaces a facility makes available to its membership.

“A big thank you to all customers who have contributed to this latest update,” Dhar says. “As we move into the second half of the year, we have a whole lot of other enhancement coming. These improvements will play an all-important role in making sure the Envibe experience remains the best in show for years to come.”

Want to shape the future of Envibe?

The Jonas Leisure team is always looking at ways to improve Envibe. If you are an Envibe user who wants to help shape the future of the software, log in to our Customer Voice Portal to give feedback and have your say on future developments.

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